Dr. Manoo liet ons weten dat Stephanus – die bij dr. Manoo engelse les volgt – met het gehoorapparaat een veel gelukkiger mens is geworden:

Dearest brother,

We are very happy to tell you that because of your help and the kindness of the friends who donated for Stephanus hearing aid, he has really become a new person. He has gained self confidence, learns faster, mixes with people, talks and laughs happily and has a bright face, whereas before you could see he was suffering mentally and emotionally. Wonderful to see the transformation… and a big thank you on his behalf to your Foundation. You have made a big difference in someone’s life and we are sure the impact will be felt by the whole community when this boy blossoms and is able to reach his full God given potential.

Please convey our greetings to the members of your foundation and we hope this year will bring health, happiness and success in your humanitarian services.

warmest greetings and love,
Manoo and Nita