Yudha studeert Polytechniek en heeft nog twee college jaren voor de boeg. Dit e-mailbericht stuurde hij aan onze penningmeester Theo Buijten:

Hello pak Theo, nice to meet you through e-mail. It’s such an honour receiving an email an support from you as a treasurer of pak Wil’s foundation. It’s true for being an engineering student and being active in the campus, there’s no time to hang out with friends even if it was in the weekend. There’s always a meeting which has to be attended. But I’m so grateful even if my schedule is pretty tight, my reports are not disappointing. Don’t you worry to visit Padang because my dad will drive you all around the city and we can meet in each other

Thanks a lot pak Theo for your support through email. I do really appreciate that, wish you a good health. And also thank you pak Wil, for sharing my story to your foundation’s family. I just can’t wait to see you again and pak Theo in Padang next year. I’m sorry for being late to reply your email because I haven’t check my email lately.

Best regards, Yudha and family.